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  1. Connected Home
    Connected Home
  2. Mobility Concerns
    Mobility Concerns
  3. SmartThings - Elder Care
    SmartThings - Elder Care
  4. Quality of Life!
    Quality of Life!

Caregiver Technology Benefits

From alerting caregivers to activities day and night, to managing the safety and comfort of the environment, Home Connect Care can help. Start with wireless bed monitoring or door open/close with alerts to alarms and cell phones. Change what level of alerting based on time of day or "Mode" you've set your home to.

25 years of experience

Complete Activity Logging

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Low monthly costs

Available backup connections

Battery Backup

Battery replacement included

Multiple levels of alerting

Smartphone control included

Aging In Place - with technology assistance

We believe that aging in a home environment leads to extended and higher quality of life. If the caregiver responsible for care can step away for another task, or need to have awareness of when a loved one is rising from bed or opening a door, technology can help. With new wireless technologies, the power of the internet, and unparalleled options and flexiblility, low cost peace of mind is available. 

We can come visit to discover your current needs, and prepare for the future

The evolution of monitoring from aging in place started with simple bed monitor/alerting to help assist and reduce falls. Then wandering concerns connected the door status to the same alerting system. The need for different alerts based on caregiver status and time-of-day led to making the system flexible to the caregiver and loved one's needs. Now we can integrate lights, thermostats, fans - almost anything you can think of. Let us help you think of the possibliities and help you sleep better at night.